Streicher pneumatic cutter CL50

Pipe dimensions 55-125 mm
(with accessory up to 150 mm)
Weight 2,5 kg
Feed rod
Cutting arm drive electrical
Milling motor drive pneumatic
Milling motor output 500 W at 20,000 rpm
Light diameter 53 mm
Length of supply cable max. 37,5 m

Streicher pneumatic cutter CL50

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The extremely compact designed milling robot CL50 is mainly suitable for milling in house connection ducts DN 55-125.  The retraction of the robot is done by pulling simultaneously on the supply line and on a rope which is attached to the milling arm.The milling arm can be raised, lowered and rotated within a wide range of 610 °. A clamping bubble centers the robot in larger pipe diameters so that the pneumatically driven motor is stabilized during milling. In addition, the system is equipped with a color camera and adjustable LED lighting. The camera cleaning takes place via the exhaust air of the milling motor. The robot can be operated via a portable control unit with joystick and non-reflective video monitor.


  • Extension line 12.5 m
  • Battery operation when AC voltage of 230 V is not available

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