Streicher electric cutter EF200

pipe dimension circular profile: 200-800 mm (with accessories to 1,000 mm)
egg-shaped profile: 250/375 – 800/1,200
weight 85 kg
drive electrical
cutting arm drive electrical/hydraulic
cutting motor drive electrical
cutting motor output 2 kW und 4 kW bei 5,000 rpm
length of supply cable 150 m

Streicher electric cutter EF200

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In the course of the developement of a modern energy society and the associated wish to reduce emissions, an electrically actuated milling robot was designed. Due to the high weight and the strong traction drive in connection with the tension against the upper pipe wall, the robot has an enormous pulling force. This makes it possible to draw a supply cable of up to 150 m. The 3-axis milling arm is mainly moved hydraulically. The two milling motors with 2 kW and 4 kW power are connected to the 3-axis milling arm. Because of a water cooling, it can be heavily overloaded in continuous operation. The loss of water splashes through the axis and cleans the work area. The robot has two cameras each with dimmable lighting. One camera is pivotally mounted between the two milling arms, the other is fixed on top of the milling arm. If the cameras are contaminated by milling dust, nozzles and wipers enable effective cleaning.


  • additional lighting for 250 mm pipe and larger
  • trowel unit
  • chassis
  • egg-shaped profile support
  • renovation packer connection

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