Correlator LD20HC

LD20HC Correlator
Correlation is a computer-assisted method, with which very accurate leak detection can be carried out.From each leakage point, a sound is produced, which spreads through the pipe and transfers it to hydrants, fittings or sliders. At up to three contact measuring points, the sound is captured by the high-sensitivity signal pick-ups and transmitted to the correlator via the LD radio transmitter.
The LD20HC calculates the exact leakage position from the transit time difference of these signals taking into account the material, the pipe diameter and the length of the measuring path.
While leak detection with other electroacoustic methods – especially with long pipelines – can only be carried out with difficulty due to disturbing factors such as weather, buried depth of the tube or a high noise level, a leak point can still be easily detected by correlation in such circumstances.The LD20HC combines quality engineering "made in Germany" with the latest technology for leak detection in pipelines or drinking water networks and is thus an ideal standard equipment for water suppliers and metrological service providers.
At leakage points, water emerges under pressure, producing an outflow noise that moves in both directions through the pipelines and is detected by highly sensitive sensors, which can be installed at accessible points such as hydrants or valves.
Because the type of water pipe always affects the sound propagation, the material and diameter of all pipes can be specified in the LD20HC and up to 20 pipe sections can be examined with only one measuring operation.
The recorded signal is amplified and transmitted to the correlator by radio, which allows an application of 256 freely selectable filters to the signal.


Can also be used for acoustic leak and pipe detection

Different body or floor sound microphones can also be connected to the LD20HC for listening. In combination with the floor sound microphone, the leak location previously determined by correlation, can be verified. Further, all other acoustic leak and pipe detection can be performed.
Thanks to the patent-pending Smart function, you can see directly on the display what is important: potential leak points are displayed as bar indicators and the steepest level is the leak point. Leakages can not be detected faster and easier acoustically!

Benefits for practice:

  • Combination unit for correlation measurement and acoustic leak detection
  • Advanced measurement technology with ultra-fast 6-core processor in a robust aluminum housing
  • 64-bit three-point correlation
  • Frequency analysis (FFT)
  • Material and diameter of the pipe sections to be measured can be specified
  • Time-saving correlation measurement of up to 20 pipe sections in one measurement run
  • Innovative Smart-Function for even faster acoustic point-detection (patent pending)
  • User-friendly interface with dual touch screen control
  • High-sensitivity sound receivers and powerful radio transmitters – more than 60,000-fold amplification
  • Connection for body and floor sound microphones

Correlator LD20HC

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Technical details:


  • Measurement and device functions: automatic filter adjustment, automatic gain, preference memory for manual filter settings, sound level overdrive protection
  • Operating modes: correlation leak detection (automatic, manual); Acoustic leak detection (F & L, Smart
  • Measurement resolution (correlation): 5 cm at 100 m measuring distance
  • Measurement resolution (acoustic leak detection): 0-99 digits (equivalent to dB)
  • Control: via touch screen or buttons and rotary control
  • Amplification: 120 dB with low noise factor
  • Input impedance: 1 MOhm
  • Filter: 256 high-pass and low-pass filters
  • Frequency spectrum: 0 – 5000 Hz (correlation); 0 – 4,000 Hz (acoustic leak detection)
  • Display: color LCD (5.7 inch) with backlight
  • Battery control via microcontroller
  • Output impedance: <10 Ohm
  • Power supply: integrated Ni-MH accumulator, 8500 mAh
  • Operating time: over 10 h in continuous operation with one charging cycle
  • Memory: up to 100 measurements per operating mode
  • Connections: 2x SMA antenna sockets, bayonet sensor connection (IP65), 4-pin charging socket with cover (IP65), 3-pin headphone connection with cover (IP65), USB cable connection with cover (IP65)
  • Menu languages: German, English, French, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Swedish, Russian, Turkish, Croatian, Slovenian, Slovak, Chinese
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Housing: aluminum, powdercoated
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 380 x 155 x 67 mm
  • Weight: 2,300 g


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