Acoustik Tube probe LD6000 PTS

Finally, using the acoustic tube probe LD6000 PTS, pipe bursts can quickly and easily be detected on the side of the house connection, too

The remediation of damage after pipe bursts requires a definite clarification of the responsible cost centre.

Has the damage occurred on the terrain of the building's proprietor or on the side of the water supply network

If to this end one would like to carry out an above-ground acoustic leak detection to locate the damage, the pipeline course must be perfectly clear, which is hardly ever the case. And, so far, pinpoint locating directly in the house connection line has not been possible without further ado.

Finally, using the acoustic tube probe LD6000 PTS, pipe bursts can quickly and easily be detected on the side of the house connection, too!

The ingenious combination of compact, bendable pig probe with integrated precision microphone and contactable probe cable enables the acoustic detection of the point of leakage including locating function.

According to regulations, probe and push cable of the LD6000 PTS can be disinfected and directly channelled into the pressurized water line on the house connection side.

Flexible application and combination possibilities

Unaffected by ambient sounds, the precision microphone of the LD6000 PTS captures even extremely silent noises inside the pipe, which are wirelessly conveyed to the supplied headphones via the Bluetooth transmitter.

Experienced measurement engineers can thus unerringly identify the leaking sound and then determine the position of the leak by use of the metre counter.

Should further a combination detector LD6000 be available, frequencies can additionally be visualized and potential points of leakage can be indicated in form of a bar graph. Moreover, the application of an LD6000 enables the data recording of long-term measurements.

Furthermore, a frequency generator can be connected to the LD6000 PTS to contact the entire push cable or the probe tip. Then the course of the pipeline or the point of leakage can be detected using a receiver. (Well suited for that: SeekTech pipe detector SR24 & SeekTeck transmitter Sender ST510)

A variety of mounting options of the push cable pressure lock for flexible insertion via:

  • Domestic water meter
  • Free-flow valve
  • Dismantled piping
  • Tapping saddle
  • Hydrants

A few practical benefits:

  • Pinpoint acoustic leak detection directly in the pressurized water line
  • Enables the pinpoint location of the probe tip and route location of the push cable for plastic pipe course detection
  • No manipulation by environmental sounds
  • Wireless sound transmission via Bluetooth
  • Integrated metre counter

Acoustik Tube probe LD6000 PTS

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Technical data:


  • Material: Zinc plated tubular steel frame with aluminium reel
  • Dimensions: 570 x 400 x 160 mm
  • Weight: 7 kg


  • Type: highly flexible sensor head for pinpoint or route location (33 kHz)
  • Bending radius: min. 30 mm
  • Frequency range: 100 to 10,000 Hz

Push cable

  • Type: Polykat glass fibre with integrated stranded copper wires (breaking load 10.3 kN)
  • Diameter: 4.5 mm
  • Length: 50 m (other lengths available on request)

Disinfecting equipment

  • Type: Cable passage with storage container for continuous disinfection of the glass fibre when feeding
  • Pressure resistance: max. 16 Bar


  • Type: Bluetooth 2.0
  • Reach: 10 m
  • Power supply: 9 V IEC 6LR61


  • Bluetooth headset

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