The instrument is suitable for compressive strength evaluation of concrete.
The evaluation is based on correlation of longitudinal ultrasonic wave velocity in concrete with its mechanical properties. Measurements are performed by thru-transmission of inspection object by means of two transducer arrays.
Further possible areas of application of A1410 are:
• Evaluation of the load-carrying ability of concrete backbones and posts.
• Evaluation of porosity and fissuring of concrete.
• Evaluation of anisotropy in composite materials.
• Evaluation of the concrete aging

The A1410 PULSAR complies with following international standards:
The given technical specifications conform with the following international standards:
– DIN EN 12504 4;
– BS 1881: Part 203 : 1986;
– ASTM C597 16;
– IS 13311 1.

Type of ultrasonic transducers Undamped DPC transducers
Transducer configuration Array of 7 x DPC transducers, daisy wheel pattern
Operating frequency, kHz 50
Set delay range, µs 0 to 20
Adjustable range of the base size, mm 50 to 2500
Automatic Gain Control (AGC) switchable
Maximum thickness of the inspection object, m 2.5
Indication resolution of the propagation time of ultrasonic waves, µs 0.1
Indication resolution of the propagation velocity of ultrasonic waves, m/s 10
Measurement range of the sound velocity, m/s 1.000 to 15.000
Measurement range of sound propagation time, μs 0,1 to 10.000
Rated supply voltage, V 3.3
Period of continuous operation with the display brightness 80%, temperature 25 degrees Сelsius, hours 16
Display 2,8”, 320×240 pixel
Overall dimensions of the electronic unit, mm., max. 230×125×65
Weight of the electronic unit, gr., max. 420
Mean time between failures, hours 18,000
Regular service life, years 5


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A compact, ergonomic and easy to handheld ultrasonic pulse velocity tester for quality assessment of concrete compliant with valid international standards.

The instrument is made of light-weight shockproof plastic and operates two dry-point-contact transducer arrays for through-transmitting up to 2 meters of concrete. Wear resistant wearproof ceramic tips of the transducers are insensitive to the surface condition and allow comfortable and robust operation on site by arbitrary surface condition. Hence, there is no need to apply coupling gel to prepare object surface for testing.

The device possesses non-volatile memory allowing storing of 50.000 measurements (the results can be grouped) and USB port for transferring measured data to the external PC.

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